Happy Birthday, Anna

2. Posted May 9, 2020, From Forgiveness to Friendship

Six months earlier (prior to Blog 1. Traffic Court)

For everything there is a season…a time to be born, and a time to die…

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, ESV

Thursday, May 2, 2013, began as usual. I could hear our daughter Anna clicking away on her keyboard as she routinely made social connections on Facebook before starting the day. As an eight-year Army Veteran, divorcee, and single mom, she was currently enrolled in a nearby community college hoping to graduate soon and make a life for herself and her girls. Her cell phone, pinging with notifications and the attention of her online community, delighted her.

Not a Morning Person. She shuffled down the stairs wrapped in her robe and stood at the counter, sleepy and grumpy, waiting for coffee as I skittered around the kitchen getting ready to leave for work. Anna was not a morning person like me and her dad. I had learned to tone down chipper morning conversation to almost nothing until her body clock woke up with caffeine. Her daughters, Kadah and Bella, ten and seven years old, bounded down the stairs like sunshine dressed for school just as I was grabbing my jacket from the coat closet. Anna walked over to greet them, and we created a crowded cluster of four between the closet and hall bench.

Her Special Day. I suddenly remembered it was Anna’s birthday, so before leaving, I simply smiled at her and said, “Happy Birthday, Anna.” She gave me a dull look, but both girls squealed, and her ten-year old’s face lit up as she giggled, “Ima! We forgot it’s your birthday!” Looking up at her mama, little sister began marching in place, pumping her arms, and chanting in step to the beat of her feet, “Happy Birthday, to you! Happy Birthday, to you!” At this, Anna could not help but grin at the little face smiling up at her, and out the door I went, having no idea I had just spoken my last words to my daughter.

Fear Not. Dear readers, this is a happy ending story, but as is so often the case in life, there is a valley before there is a mountaintop. It’s all good in the end. Next post, due to these strange stay-at-home times, I will post a crazy dilemma that befell me, not part of this story, “My Story Has Holes in It.” Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will join me again and tell one other person about my site. 🙂

In memory of our dear daughter: a disciplined athletic, single mom, and eight-year Army veteran, here are a few photos of her and her precious treasures. Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven, Anna!

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Writer, Speaker, Storyteller, and Homemaker, Cathy Harvey, lives life with purpose, sharing the Gospel and stories of how God shows up in her daily life.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Anna

  1. Sweet photos of Anna and her children. I remember her from her time working in Trinity mail service. She was always helpful and had a smile for everyone.


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