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A Few of My Favorite Things

Staying home w/my husband, Stephen 🙂

One of my husband’s favorite Christmas gifts from me, Dec. 2019.

Reading. Especially the Bible, biographies & Christian, historical fiction

Quotes. I have a journal and a file full! A separate page might show up just for quotes in the future.

Music. I can’t live without it. Seriously. It feeds me. LOVE listening to my granddaughter sing!

Art. All kinds. Sitting in my basement “studio” creating & crafting to my heart’s content

Theater. Drama, comedy, musicals, concerts, movies. The Best Gift = tickets!

Museums. Art Galleries, Discovery Centers, Zoos

HUGS. I miss my sons’ hugs. They live so far away! 😦

Cleaning. A cathartic exercise w/a rewarding end result (once the kids leave home)

Flowers. Wild or domestic, Botanical Gardens.

Some Favorites

Movie: Too hard to decide!

Movie Character: Olaf (he loves hugs!)

Foods: Cheesey omelets, Italian fare, Kale, Almonds, Fruit, Whipped Cream – YUMM-O!

Colors: Basically, all of them, but especially the royal colors, Peacock Blue, Magenta, Cranberry, Red, Yellow

Exercise: Tap dancing makes me happy 🙂

Christmas Songs: O Come, O Come Immanuel; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen; Mary, Did You Know?

Head Shot Credit: To my friend who wishes to remain anonymous, thank you.

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