Voice Magazine 1: “Ready or Not”

My first published article, “Ready or Not,” tells about what news two men in black, the county coroner and a deputy sheriff, brought to me after I arrived home from work one evening. Women’s Voice column, Jul/Aug 2015, last page pg. 32.

Voice Magazine 2: “Humble Pie”

For my second article I submitted three choices. Naturally, the editor chose one of the most humiliating stories of my life, “Humble Pie.” But if God can use my gross error to help someone else, I am grateful to be His servant. Women’s Voice column, Jan/Feb 2016, page 25 in the above link.

All Voice articles and links used by permission April 6, 2020, Executive Director, IFCA International

Voice Magazine 3: “Love Conquers All”

The third published article, “Love Conquers All,” recalls memories on the third anniversary of our daughter’s death. Our loss was her gain! We experienced a kaleidoscope of love poured out in so many forms. Women’s Voice column, Sep/Oct 2016, page 28 in the above link.

Spiritual Bread

365-Day Devotional. Stories of how God showed up in our daily lives. Order from or

A cooperative project between a dozen writers, created as a thank you to the church that allowed our writers group to meet monthly for free. Joining this writers group late in the project, they graciously accepted 15 devotions from me. I learned so much from all the published writers and felt honored they included my work. If you need a fresh burst to your daily quiet time, this is filled with unusual true stories of how God met us and helped us in our daily challenges.

Sharing the Wisdom of Time

Book launched in Rome, October 2018; in the U.S./Chicago, November 2018.

What a surprise and honor to receive a call from Loyola Press, asking if I’d be willing to share our story, and God’s amazing power, in a book that would be published around the world in several languages? Hmm, that would be a YES! Anywhere, anytime–I love to tell His story! Loyola’s gifted editor, Rosemary Lane, came to our home to video an interview that began with the death of our daughter and ended with a beautiful story of forgiveness and friendship with the driver who accidentally hit and killed her. You can read the incredible details of the back story in my Facebook post from November 2018.

So honored our story was chosen to be one of about 90, from a collection of 250 that were gathered from all over the world, stories meant to be shared with the younger generation by elders over 60 years of age. Only God can orchestrate such details!

First solo book to come

(God willing)

A creative non-fiction story showing how we worked through the sudden death of our daughter and the ripple effect of applying God’s forgiveness to the lives involved. (Below is one of several working covers, not likely the published cover.)

Flowers for the mother of the driver representing: forgiveness, innocence, healing, love, and ladder to heaven.


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