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Cathy has been married over 40 years to her husband, Stephen Harvey. They have 3 children, all of whom served in the military during the 9/11 conflict (Marines, Army, Navy). She is a graduate of Maranatha Baptist University (WI) & Trinity International University (IL). She loves being a wife & homemaker, but her experiences also include nurse’s aid, high school & Sunday School teacher, factory worker, deaf interpreter, secretary, her own cleaning business & artist. These experiences enrich her talks with lively examples engaging her audiences with humor, boldness & transparency as she focuses on applying God’s Word to life.

Speaking Topics

  • Beyond Depression: Finding a Life of Purpose (Rom. 10:13, John 1:12, John 10:10) From a “Leave It to Beaver” life to salvation, Cathy’s story, set in the Jesus Revolution of the 1970s, tells how she struggled to understand the purpose of life. Battling depression and the voices in her head, she could only hope that one day the answer would come–and it did, when someone pointed her toward Jesus. Talk includes a brief focus on steps to combat depression. (30-45 mins.)
  • The Power & Gift of Forgiveness (I Peter 3:9, Matt. 6:12-18, 2 Cor. 5:8, Psalm 145:4) This is a powerful, personal story of an unexpected family tragedy showing how the love of God spurred forgiveness and healing that shocked the court system and turned the offender and his family into dear friends in Christ. (30 mins. plus a 5-minute video). For more details, the story will fit a 60-minute frame. At a retreat it can be used for multiple sessions. It has been done as a one-day retreat that continues layering amazing detail after detail of God’s hand and prompts personal application, reflection, and prayer time. This story was selected by Loyola Press to be included in the 2018 book, Sharing the Wisdom of Time, by Pope Francis and Friends which has been translated in over 7 languages around the world.
  • The Value of Zero and the Power of One (Acts 5:33-40) With creative stories and tactile examples, this talk emphasizes how an individual can impact the world where they are and with what (little) they may have while hearing how loved and valued each person is to God. Consideration is given to the power of the ripple effect of our lives and can include an application time, if desired. (35 minutes)
  • The Healing Power of Biblical Reconciliation (Matthew 5:23-24, Ephesians 4:26) This is a personal story of a rift within Cathy’s family that, unknown to her, had been smoldering for thirteen years before she was made aware of it. The audience will learn steps to loving conflict resolution. By applying God’s Word to her situation, Cathy & her family member experienced healing & were able to move forward in peace. With tenacity, Biblical counsel, and the power of the Holy Spirit, she prayerfully pursued the reconciliation for months until it came to fruition. Our carnal nature would have us sweep offenses under the carpet unresolved and smoldering, “but God…” can make it whole! A time of application and prayer is imperative. (30 mins. plus application/prayer time)
  • Please Don’t Wear Black to My Funeral! (2 Cor. 5:8, Phil. 1:21, Rev. 21:19-22) Listeners will be surprised by the joy and calm with which Cathy handles death. Using several examples from her past, she explains how early in life she came to grips with death and the truth and peace of the resurrection. She encourages Christians to understand where to properly focus in the valley of the shadow and how to embrace the Scripture, “we grieve, yet not as those without hope.” Ideal when coupled with time for healing and prayer. (40 mins.) This topic can be expanded to fit a workshop session.
Rockville, Indiana
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