Feature:  “The Power and Gift of Forgiveness”

Midland, Michigan 2022. (Event leader sent all the comments without names).

Excellent Presentation

So glad she listened to God! What a testimony!

Cathy, you are definitely an inspiration to me!

I love her story and message.


Thank you, God!


Excellent! Jesus loves obedience!!!


Very special program

Great speaker!

So thankful to hear your story first-hand!

Such a shining example of Jesus’ love and forgiveness

Cathy Harvey changed my life. Give her a hug for me.

Very good speaker – leaves us with a lot to think about.

Meaningful message

Impactful and important – so well done. Glad I’ve heard her story.   “Forgiveness is a discipline” – key.

Awesome story! The Best yet!

Excellent – God honoring


She did a wonderful job sharing her story! PTL! Very friendly, too.



Inspiring – offered hope!

Fabulous! Thank you!

An emotional journey

Wonderful! Thank you!!

Excellent message! Thank you!

So impactful

Good – Very moving

Amazing story – Shared true Christianity

Inspiring me to finish my “forgiveness” story!

Reminded me to share the Word of God with everyone I can! 

Thank God for Cathy Harvey!

She was FABULOUS! (We should) Have her back again! 🙂

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