Forgiveness and Justice: a story of how one family used forgiveness to gain justice in a tragic loss. 29 minutes.

“Unusual to the nth degree…I felt the presence of God in the room…one of the most powerful and profound things I’ve seen as an attorney.” -Attorney Robert Monahan

Bob was such a gracious host for this live interview. He is a devoted family man and a man of integrity who patiently helped us through the months of our case. My husband and I highly recommend him for accidents, wills, and trusts in the Gurnee/Waukegan, Illinois area. Please take advantage of his expertise if you have a need for an attorney.

Llive interview with Pastor Jeff Pedersen of KFXBTV in Dubuque, Iowa, August 18, 2018.
I tell our story of forgiveness using the bouquet of flowers as a springboard. 29 minutes.

From the link above you will hear an amazing story, including the viewpoints and comments from the driver who accidentally hit and killed our daughter and his parents with whom we became close friends. When you click on the website, you will need to scroll down on the right side of the sermon page to the title, “Forgiveness” from January 2019 (the date will not be visible). 50 minutes.

January 6, 2019, my pastor, Todd Habegger, at the Village Church of Gurnee in Gurnee, Illinois, gave me, the driver, and both his parents the platform to share what great things unfolded by the grace, love, and forgiveness of God.

There was much spiritual warfare surrounding this talk. The driver’s dad had a migraine coming on; the attorney who was scheduled to speak with us came down with the flu; the 12-foot display that had been set up to visualize our story, was torn apart and taken down the morning of & the new video software the church used did not work. Afterwards, our IT/worship pastor was able to find the audio file online from the attempted taping, so that is all I could post. There was a video to compliment our story, but you will only be able to hear the song used in it, “Forgiveness,” by Matthew West in the above link. Pastor begins to introduce our story 3 minutes into the audio.

Part of the table display of visuals showing our story and the ripple effect God created from this tragedy–beauty from ashes as only God can orchestrate!
A copy of the driver’s apology to us is displayed to the left of the forgiveness poster, and our reply is displayed to the right of the poster.
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